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Stand on Zanzibar

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Hugo 1969 · Melhor livro
John Brunner
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Now in a Tor Essentials edition, the Hugo Award-winning, uncannily prophetic Stand on Zanizbar is a science fiction novel unlike any before in that remains an insightful look at America's downfall that allows us to see what has been, what is, and what is to come."There are certain things John Brunner achieved, which no one has done before or since." -- Bruce Sterling Genetic engineering is routine, corporations have usurped democracy, technology governs human relationship, and mass-marketed psychosomatic drugs keep billions docile. The systems of the United States are universal in reach and out of control. Every citizen is its victim. . . and its creator. With an introduction by cyberpunk pioneer Bruce Sterling, author of Distraction and Islands In the Net.Tor Essentials presents new editions of science fiction and fantasy titles of proven merit and lasting value, each volume introduced by an appropriate literary figure.




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